Consulting on Patents

Nowadays, more than 90 millions of patent documents are published (source: espacenet). Many of them are not anymore in force and thus may be practiced. Others are in force in one or few countries only, whereby they can be practiced in all other countries. An even other patents or patent applications are not legally valid or may be circumvented in a legally correct way. However, this is only valid if no other intellectual property right is violated.

We would be delighted to advise you on the following - and many other - questions:

  • My competitor is protecting my invention – what next?
  • We have an invention – can it be protected?
  • How can my invention be defined to obtain the highest degree of protection?
  • A competitor infringes one of our patents – what next?
  • How can I monitor the patent activity of my competitors?
  • How can my company generate maximum benefits through an efficient patent approach?
  • What is a meaningful patent strategy for my company?

We also offer a range of training courses.

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