Consulting on the Innovation Process

In a fast-changing environment, innovation is more important than ever. It ensures a company’s long-term growth and survival.

In order to introduce innovations in the market successfully and regularly, it is important that project ideas are carefully evaluated within the scope of an innovation process. Promising ideas are selected and made ready for the market with appropriate development projects.

Many questions arise during the various phases of the innovation process. How do I select the right ideas as quickly as possible? What must be considered, and when? How do I arrive as quickly and efficiently as possible at new innovations which also pay off?

Robert Koelliker will be pleased to put his long-standing experience of innovation processes – for example in global development projects – at your disposal.

For the evaluation of a project idea it is very important in the early stages of the innovation process that you receive an overview of approaches already known in the (patent) literature that were used to solve the same or a similar problem. In this way we avoid having to “reinvent the wheel”. Furthermore, past experience help us to develop our own ideas and are often the beginning of a new, sustainable innovation. This approach helps you to achieve your aims faster and much more cost-effectively.

Robert Koelliker also offers to support you with his "out-of-the-box" way of thinking and my creativeness – not least of all in the innovation process and with development projects.

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